Suggested Actions in Solidarity with Ugandans and Africans Against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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Now that you know why we need to ‘ACT’, Here is ‘Bucket list’ of the actions you can take on 10th February 2014 to support the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex(LGBTI) Persons at Risk in Uganda:
1. Worldwide demonstrations. We call upon all partners, friends and allies to organize worldwide demonstrations in different cities around the world on the (10th February 2014) to show solidarity with Ugandan LGBT community and to bring attention this cause to Uganda. You can do this at a Ugandan embassy or at any place of significance to you.
2. Issue statements condemning the passage of the Bill and call on the President NOT to sign it into law, It is also important to continue to remind Ugandans and our leaders to uphold Human Rights for all people.
3. Wear a t-shirt, a bracelet, a badge, Carry a poster with a message of solidarity for the LGBT community in Uganda etc. Wear these items to work, at home, wherever you are. Make sure to let us know that you have done this, Tweet the message or picture to the following handles: @Ugandans4rights. Hashtags: #AHBGlobaldayofaction , #Love4UgandanLGBTI #stopAHB , Post on our face book page: , or simply email us and let us know.
4. Deliver Petitions with signatures to a significant place or to a significant person and or people to show that we have numbers that oppose this bill.
5. Hold prayer vigils to show what a ‘dark day’ it is for Human Rights and to call upon ‘Devine Intervention’. We need to mourn the loss of human rights.
6. Write to your political leader, your religious leader, your opinion leader to encourage them to speak out against the bill. We need help to end this targeted attack on the rights of LGBT persons in Uganda.
7. Twitter blast– The idea is to send as many tweets on that day to the prime minister, Parliament, and president’s office. This can be done between 9am and 12am-Ugandan time. With one simple message: ‘Don’t Prosecute; Protect LGBT Ugandans: The world is watching’ Twitter handles are:

Prime Minister:@AmamaMbabazi

Parliament of Uganda:@Parliament_UG

President’s office:@StateHouseUg

8. Use social media to speak out against the bill on that day. Write a solidarity message: Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere: I Stand in Solidarity with LGBTI community in Uganda. I stand on the side of Human Rights. I say NO to the Anti-Gay Bill.

Things to remember: -Make sure you have called a media house you work with to cover your event or show of solidarity, we need Uganda, Africa and the whole world to know that we are visible, and to know that Human Rights are Universal and Inherent for all Human Beings. –Plan your actions between 9am and 12am Ugandan time. Choose an Action that best suits you. Reach out to your family members, your co-worker, your friend, your partner; Make sure they join you in speaking out for Human Rights and against the bill.
Thank You for the continued Solidarity!
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