Pissed Off Feminist

Photo by Midge Belikis
Photo by Midge Belikis

Damn you patriarchy!
Today, I am a pissed off feminist
Please do not calm me down, do not tell me its okay
Because it’s not okay, I can feel the sting of the chains that have
buckled my veins since birth
Please do not ask me to let it go because I am constantly suffocated
in the confines I am told to call a woman’s home.
Do not even try to make me understand because those black dots you use
for control will never make sense to me
I am not trying to win an argument; it’s my rights I want back, damnit!
The rights stolen from me since the inception of mankind
And there it is! MANkind! Scratch that, HUMANkind!!
Today I have anger in my eyes because I recognize the poison that has
contaminated history
And you see that again? HISTORY!! Damn you patriarchy!
Mine is MYSTORY/HERSTORY damnit!
Today, I go through stories told to me and I realize very few women
made it into these
Achieved it all but they could not even be a mere statistic
And you wonder why I want to pull my teeth out?
Light bulb on, now I know why it’s called HISTORY
Completely void of HERSTORY!
From Ella Baker, Diane Nash to Septima Poinsette Clark
Know any of these brave women?
And you wonder why I am angry!
Damn you patriarchy for robbing me off my sense of worth
For reinforcing standards, ideologies and norms so poisonous
Continuously for so long that people no longer recognize your face in the light
Or are you hiding in the dark, with a few who know your outlines able
to recognize your face?
I don’t know if I am fortunate or unfortunate to recognize your ugly prints
The anger I feel for that recognition is too much
But then again, for change, we have to first recognize
And that’s the fortunate part for me
Damn you patriarchy!

By Sibusiso

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