On leaving my job

Can’t explain this feeling

Like fresh paint, cracked and peeling

Not sure how to move

Forward, what I have to prove

A bit scared about tomorrow

Will I have to beg, steal, borrow?

Don’t want another job

Don’t want some boss to rob

Me of my peace of mind

It took too long to find

But, how to pay the bills?

Fend off the winter chills?

How will things work out?

Can I conquer fear and doubt?

It seems that all my debts

Could lead to some regrets

About my act of breaking free

Of being true to me

I don’t know what is worse –

Burdened soul, or empty purse

I only know that I feel strange

I guess I’m undergoing change

And I suppose it would be best

For me to try and pass this test

No looking back, no compromise

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the prize

Knowing this cloud is silver-lined

Because the sun is just behind.


ds © 4/4/07




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