In this Issue #1: Radical African Lesbian Feminist Organising

Welcome to Issue#1 of the African Feminist Standpoint. We are excited to bring to you a collection of poetry, cartoon strips, narratives, blog posts and academic articles which all speak to the topic of feminist movement building. This issue has been a long time in the making and we are excited to host media that is produced by and for African feminists!

Movement building is a word that we have all heard in a number of spaces but what does it actually mean? Who creates the building plan? Who does the building? And most importantly, we think, to what end? 

We believe the basis for Radical African Lesbian Feminist thought is in the questions we ask and in this issue of AFS we hope to take you on a journey that expolores the question of feminist movement building. 

Questioning the who…

Florence /Khaxas, a young feminist activist from Namibia speaks about the journey young feminists take to cultivate fresh and decolonial leaderships styles through love and healing from heart break. In a young feminist manifesto titled ‘The alchemy of young African feminist leadership: Love, heartbreak & movement building’ she uses narratives, poetry and declarations to give voice to the role young feminists have to play in movement building. 

Questioning the how...

It would be safe to assume that the internet has revolutionarised the ways in which feminists are able to organise across time and space. While the internet can be a wonderful tool it can also be an insipid breeding ground for violence, silencing and extreme navel gazing. In a recent article published in the Mail and Guardian, Jessica Horn explores the ‘The age of the feminist influencer’ and 'People who feel no way about rebranding themselves as the avant garde of a movement they spend almost no time giving unscripted or unselfied labor to". In this issue of AFS we reblog Sista*Seeker's response to this piece where she explores the similarities in the the feminist influencer of the digital age and the feminist influencers we all know who hold stature and standing in the 'physical movement'. She argues that the who in feminist movement building matters less than the how. 

Questioning the where…

Anthea Taderea, advocacy officer at CAL, highlights CALs advocacy at the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR). With the African Union currently undergoing what have been termed the Kagame reforms, Anthea explores what these reforms will mean for sexuality and women’s rights (and organising) on the continent and the subsequent future and independence on the ACHPR.

But is it all spreadsheets and strategies…

Undoubtedly feminist movement building and organising can feel like heavy and hard work, and in many cases it is. Organising for a free and just society in which women can enjoy lives free from violence and oppression is difficult and necessary work. But that’s not all there is to it - play, laughter, creativity and love are important ways in which we build communities and movements. Take a look at our wonderful cover illustration by Naadira Patel, check out a comic strip from Henna Space,  a collective based in Kenya, and show some love to this issue's feminist crushes including Donna Smith, Director of Development at CAL as well as Po Po and Immah Reid. 

The alchemy of young African feminist leadership: Love, heartbreak & movement building

We reclaim and assert the long and rich tradition of African women’s resistance to patriarchy in Africa. ‘We acknowledge the historical and significant gains that have been made by the African Women’s Movement over the past forty years, and we […]


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