From Kampala to Johannesburg, Gaborone to Nairobi: Reflections and Experiences of gender diversity and sexual identity movements across the African Continent

[CAL] aims to have a conversation about movement building around sexual and gender identity issues in Africa this evening. This conversation intends to bring up issues around: WHY such movements are important,
HOW these movements intersect with other social justice issues such as race and class and
WHERE we are in these movements now in the continent.

We will have speakers presenting their stories and experiences from Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho just to name a few.

[CAL], 1in9, FEW in collaboration with the Johannesburg People’s Pride, amongst other organisations and movements will also be exhibiting the herstory of their movements over time with a display of posters and protest t-shirts that we have developed over the years.

Tell Your Friends and Come for an evening of engaging and thought provoking feminist discourse!

Where: African Freedom Station, 41 5th Ave, Westdene, 2019 Johannesburg, Gauteng

When: Thursday, 3 October 2013 (TODAY!)

FIRST TEN PEOPLE THERE GET A PROTEST T-SHIRT AND A DRINK FREE! There will be drinks and food available for sale during the course of the evening.

Spread the word!

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