we are everywhere!

During my political detention in Apartheid South Africa, the questions from the security police revolved around their stereoptypes of what lesbians are all about. They questioned me about a co-treason trialist: ‘Is she a lesbian? Does she have cats?’ They seemed to believe that only ‘ugly and unattractive’ women become lesbians and have a tendency towards ‘political radicalism’. Of course nothing could be more wrong!

We are beautiful, baffling, balmy, bashful, bisexual and sometimes bizarre. We can be bad and baleful even belligerent if you trample on our human rights and those of others…

We are dancers, singers, scientists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, unemployed, mothers, care givers, nurses, artists, musicians, writers, photographers

We are in the closet, in the clubs, on the screen, on the stage, on the podium and the pulpit celebrating our sexuality and identities

We are sometimes weak, but forgiven children of the Creator and made in Her image… We are everywhere.

Thank you CAL for 10 years of breaking down stereotypes, defending rights of lesbians and other marginalised persons, exposing and combating patriarchy and highlighting that we are everywhere…

Gertrude, Cape Town/Kigali

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