I am a woman

A woman to be

A woman to free

A woman to break free

I am a warrior

A fighter, standing for a place to be brighter

You will not shut me

Even if you try hard to cut me

In my body you will not slut me

In my mind you won’t mute me

And in my spirit you will never block me

I will speak loud

Inside and outside the crowd

I will let my voice break the rules; the walls and the social stigma

I will finally make the noise

You’re not gonna stop me

I will be the freedom of my own speech that i can preach to express my deepest devotion

I will speak loud and express how proud i am of being a woman, a human that you try to murder

Your touch has burned all of my sensations

I thought in my home i can build my little pink imaginations

But all i found is your brutal dehumanization

Your sexualisation of my little body made me lose the family purification 

And who to trust now

The silence and paranoia became my only form of socialization

Stopping me for  my being 

But now,

I am no longer the little fearing child

I am the big strong woman who is here to be wild

To all of my sisters who’ve been fearing the loudness 

i invite you to set your liberation

And to build the real strong foundation 

Of who we truly are

it’s time to stop being ruled but our fears 

and make a real confrontation

it’s time to turn the forbiddenness against this system of fragmentation

it’s time to let ourselves free and consent to our truthfulness 

to our goddessness

as a universal female power.



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