The Collective pain Body

These pieces and writing were creating while in a deep collective meditation. A realization of what we have been feeling into, The doubt, the Violence, the race for time, the Lack. We have been granted a gift of awareness , of unconditional Love, but will we be able to See it? Feel it and Use it for the Good of the Whole? Gold is the return of our Conciousness the return back to the WHOLE. To love. 


A Love letter and Plea to Humanity to Remember why we are here.  


Gold has begun to fill the spaces that broke away from us, 


The spaces that hurt, for so long

The spaces that are full of hate and Darkness

The spaces that we have filled with this, that but no love in sight




Only when we are still 


Can you hear the sound of your heart trampling through your body? 

Reminding us to Remember


RE-Member back to Oneness

Tune into Spirit space

Into wholeness

Into Conscious ness


Gold has begun to mend the wounds of the past, Can you feel it seep through our self inflicted bloody spores? 


Mending us back to being? 


Gold has held me tight

when silver left it all falling apart

When it was all just separation and anger


These spaces that have been empty


wide, Open Spaces where love once made a home


Now Raw


Raw and Empty

Robbed of the Hue that makes the man sane 


Gold is all that is left

To renew

To return us to Oneness through the cracks , the the pain


Gold has begun to fill the space that broke away 







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