Of Hyperbole in Activism


I am the issue you set out to address,

But somewhere you lost me, this much you must confess

You used to desire, to bring about some change

But now you’ll discover that things remain the same.


You’re stuck on terminology, on jargon and verbosity

And I am overshadowed, by acronyms and policy

What happened to simplicity, you eloquently spoke,

Articulate in action, the barriers you broke.


What happened to the action in activism strategy?

It bonded with philosophy and soon became a theory

And workshop after workshop, our languages skills improve

But we are a movement and we should be on the move.


I am the issue, there are many just like me

And as you deliberate, I wait patiently

And slowly but surely the door closes on me

But frame work, plus action, plus passion is the key

 By Sam G Ndlovu

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