When you give me the gift of Your body
It is like I have no choice
But to return to you the gift of My soul

I love the way we kiss
Do you know that?
I love that you look into my eyes And search for something you always Seem to nd before you press your Lips along my face
To the tips of my nose
My chin
Gently against each eyelid
Allowing the utter to tease your lips Then oh so gently you offer your Lips to me, we exchange breath
Your hands burn against my skin Wherever you touch
Then like an avalanche
A need
That we are teasing
Overwhelms us
Together, we deepen, we lengthen We plunge and taste and bite and Soothe. We exchange essence of
Our feelings through our mouths Through this wondrous thing
This kiss

But then
And this is what I love
You don’t stop and I can’t stop either
Your hands roam over me, your mouth, your tongue Exploring me…worshipping me…loving me
Urging me to believe in what I
Know to be true
That you love me
Then you invite me with hot whispers
Light touches and muf ed laughter
Partake in your esh, to feast my eyes
To slake my thirsts to ll my hunger
For you
With you
You give yourself to me
Your body
With your heart so clearly
Part of the package
And I am lost
Every pore of my being
Is yours

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