Like my cat

My kitten is becoming a cat

Nothing I can do about that!

So self-possessed, so grown –

It’s like she’s coming into her own


I wish I was more like that

Had it all together, like my cat

Really knowing what I’m about

With no room in mind for doubt


My cat instinctively knows her role

Doesn’t need to be shown, or told

How to live, how to act

Whether or not she’s still on track


Tired, she just goes to sleep

No regrets or guilt to keep

Her half the night awake

Pondering some past mistake


If she wants, she simply asks

And, receiving, she revels, basks

Does not question, analyse

Would never judge or criticize


She holds no grudge, forgives all hurts

Gets angry in rare, soon-forgotten spurts

She eats only according to her need

Leaving back, so others can feed


Cautiously, bravely exploring her world

Head held high, tail proudly unfurled

Bumps by the dozens, falls by the scores

Always landing on all fours


Simply being what she is

Not caring who gets hers or his…

Imagine living life like that – 

Trusting, carefree…like my cat.




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