Canvas paintings

Spread the canvas on the floor Gather up the oil paints
Open up your divinity
Pour the potion

Its motion, a wave of emotions That lets the secrets on your lips Caress my inner thighs

Kiss you on the small of your back
Oh Darling won’t you come here with nothing on
We can form folk tales as heaven falls on our sweet summer skin We belong solely to the poetry our hands have moulded.
These lines joining, connecting, synchronising our souls

In this sacred position
Sun rays pouring in,
Let my tongue read the hieroglyphics off your nipples Nibble on the intimate parts of your thighs
I’ll paint Lotus script on your bosom
And if you let me, I’ll touch your womanhood

The potency of your soul will mix with mine,
In that moment in time
The aqua spirits and re chanters will join in unison.
In nity will settle as your toes curl in
Calling out to the goddess of love.
My hands through your locks
It will be by her name *Aphrodite
That the gates of Nile will open at sunrise and let us drown deep in us

In lust let us embrace the grace embedded in our spirits…. Until sunset, I’ll whisper tangible joys
Hand them over to you by kisses
Hand-in-hand we will walk up to Oludumare

To thank her for the prowess I have witnessed in you And when the painting is done
We will start again, but you’ll be on top this time.

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