African Feminist Profile: Po Po

Po Po, tell us about yourself. Your journey of becoming, your road to yourself, your African Feminist path?
Po Po be a gender queer Kenyan |African passionate about everything freedom and liberation. I am mostly smiling , sometimes quiet and at times looking for debates in and out of my head ,analyzing the most mundane , fleetingly worrying about everyone around me and the world , while a finding an excuse to light a joint and get lost in my own thoughts at every possible chance. I am awkward and pretty weird-I like being myself . I am learning how to make spells of all sorts and holding my daily rituals sacred . I have grown into myself anchored on the truth of belonging to a fearless lineage. As a teenager I was challenged by my non conformity to find connections amongst initiators of collectives that mobilized towards accessible social economic and political justice. In this time, I founded some of the most bad ass spaces to negotiate sexual and reproductive health and rights for Queer and trans youth, think tanks for radical responses to the dominant systemic and systematic oppression and violence witnessed in the continent and on black bodies all over the world with a focus on sex workers, drug users, people living with HIV and in understanding the nuances of intersectionality with gender and sexuality.
Growing into my youthfulness has remained the most empowering experience of my life; as a community organizer guided by a deep desire to negotiate for individual autonomy and agency, I have been held by how that inspires us to remain open understanding and respectful of the process of building healthier communities that nurture collective power. I am intense , I feel everything and am in a constant state of searching ,questioning and struggling to find meaning in the depth of everything am passionate about .I love gardening,stretching , writing poetry, dancing and food .
I am very doubtful of institutions , NGO and government alike. I believe that all the work we do consciously towards creating deeper structures of holding ourselves and our communities in love and courage no matter the dynamics are the answers for the future.
Now ,is my favorite time!
I am still working on shifting my relationship with money , so maybe a million dollars would go into reclaiming land and creating accessible space where everyone would be welcome to contribute to responding to the ways in which we heal our historical pain and trauma.

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